Quiz on 3rd Person singular form

Welcome to your Quiz on 3rd Person singular form

They like to spend time by the sea, whereas, he _________ (love) to travel around the country and watch nature.
Natasha ___________ (sing) very well but they still didn’t select her for the singing competition in school.
Her mother ____________ (cook) very well. She therefore invited her friend over to her place for lunch.
She ____________ (walk) for an hour everyday. But I prefer to walk 2 hours every alternate day.
Usually that boy _____________ (wander) around this place but I haven’t seen him today.
He ____________ (dance) Salsa extremely well. Why don’t you take training from him?
Now, the child ____________ (climb) the ladder by himself.
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This decorator always ___________________ (decorate) the venue of the event very beautifully.
Mary ____________ (go) to the market every Friday morning.
It’s a beautiful sunset. She sits by the window and ______________ (watch) on.