Quiz on Already OR Yet

Welcome to your Quiz on Already OR Yet

Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks:

We have __________ to get an explanation about his rude behaviour towards us.
I told you that I’ve ______________ done the booking!
The scientists have __________ to make an announcement of their new discovery.
She was so angry, we could see it on her face. ___________ she didn’t react.
I’ve ______________ been to this place twice. Can we go some other place this time?
She has ________ to complete 4 years of her education before taking up a job.
Not as __________. We’ll wait for some more time before we make our final decision.
Hurry up! The guests have _____________ arrived.
Have you _____________ finished building that bookshelf? That was quick!
Did you tell her that you’ve ___________ taken the test?