The magic book: une histoire en anglais

Les histoires sont une partie essentielle de l’apprentissage de l’anglais. Elles aident à développer le vocabulaire, la compréhension et la créativité. Voyons une de ces histoires.

The Magic Book

One sunny afternoon, while exploring an old attic, the children found a dusty, ancient book. It was unlike any book they had ever seen. The cover was decorated with shimmering symbols and the pages seemed to glow faintly.

“Look at this!” exclaimed Emma, the curious one of the group. “It looks magical!”

Tom, the practical one, carefully opened the book. To their surprise, the pages were filled with beautiful illustrations and stories written in both English and French. As they turned the pages, they found a story about a magical land called Wonderia.

The story spoke of a land where trees could talk, rivers sang songs, and the sky changed colors with the moods of the people. It was ruled by a kind and wise queen who loved children and welcomed visitors from all over the world.

“Let’s read this story together,” suggested Leo, the imaginative one. “We can practice our English and learn more about this magical land.”

As they read, they found themselves drawn into the story. They imagined walking through the enchanted forests, talking to the friendly animals, and visiting the queen’s magnificent castle. Each page brought new surprises and adventures.

When they reached the end of the story, the book’s pages glowed brighter, and a soft, warm light enveloped the room. The children felt a sense of wonder and excitement, knowing they had discovered something truly special.

En conclusion, les histoires comme celle-ci non seulement divertissent, mais elles enrichissent également nos compétences linguistiques et notre imagination. Continuez à lire et à explorer de nouvelles aventures en anglais pour améliorer votre apprentissage. Pour apprendre anglais, prenez un cours chez Albert Learning.

Vocabulary / Vocabulaire

English | French

attic: grenier

dusty: poussiéreux

ancient: ancien

shimmering: scintillant

symbols: symboles

glow: briller

curious: curieux/curieuse

practical: pratique

illustrations: illustrations

enchanted: enchanté

magnificent: magnifique

enveloped: enveloppé

wonder: émerveillement

excitement: excitation

adventure: aventure

treasure: trésor