Quiz on Prefixes and Suffixes

Welcome to your Quiz on Prefixes and Suffixes

Choose the correct option:

Samuel was ________ (qualified) from the race because of his aggression.
The house is ___________ (sufficient) stocked with groceries and supplies.
The dog is _________ (patient) to get its treats.
Our lawyer will make a _________ (revise) in the contract before we sign it.
The __________ (investigate) asked many questions to the neighbors.
We ran into some __________ (friendly) ladies at the park.
The policeman _________ (fired) his gun and it hit a civilian.
My two year old daughter goes to ___________ (school).
The __________ (honor) Guest at this event was a man of great importance.
Shane spent a _________ (memory) weekend with his friends at the lake.