Learning Has Never Been This Easy!

Are you looking to expand your business overseas? Or hoping to make your child bilingual? Do you want to impress your friends and colleagues? Or just take up a new hobby?
If you do, then Albert-learning is for you.

Learn foreign languages online with teachers.

Begun in 2011, spun out of a common idea between two IT professionals, our company has evolved into a global online language training institute, offering students across the world the freedom to learn many foreign languages like French, Spanish, English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and German, at their convenience.

To boost efficacy, we’ve created content that helps you practice the four principal skills- reading, writing, listening and speaking.

If you are afraid about that hard-to-master accent, don’t be!

Work on an authentic accent and understandable pronunciations with our native trainers. You would essentially learn French from a French native, Spanish from a Spanish native and so on.

We provide 30 minute sessions either individually or in groups, the choice of which lies with you; and the ability to cherry-pick your trainers from the ones available.

While the first session gauges your level, the following sessions will see you learn common greetings (for beginners) to essay writing on scientific topics (for intermediate and expert level students). Grammar is taught across levels- to beginners, intermediates and experts.

With attractive and affordable packages for students, the lack of an age limit, the convenience of taking sessions from your homes, offices or colleges, and a plethora of topics ranging from art, to science, to food, we have something for everyone.

Still need to be convinced?

Visit our website (www.albert-learning.com) and let our trainers convince you face-to- face.
See you soon!