Watch Your Way To Learning French–Part 2!

Learn how to star a simple conversation in French with this video. Here’s another 10 words to broaden your French vocabulary.

Video: French 500 words lesson 2

Practice your French with the following exercise and write your answers in the comment section below.

Exercise: Use the right words to complete the conversation

1- D’où viens tu?

a) Oui, je parle anglais.

b) Je viens d’Inde.

2- Parles-tu anglais?

a) Non, je parle seulement Français.

b) D’où viens tu?

3- Pardon, parles-tu anglais?

a) Je viens d’Inde.

b) Oui, je parle anglais

Don’t forget to number your answers correctly! Good luck!

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