Top french YouTubers to learn French

Learning French and improving your pronunciation, listening and speaking skills might sometimes be difficult, as you search for the best online courses, the right resources and the ideal teachers. This might sometimes take weeks –and maybe months- for you to find.

Youtube channels are the solution! Indeed, watching YouTube videos is a great way to learn new words, learn the proper pronunciation and improve your listening skills while having fun, since it has many hours of video in every language and on every possible subject.

YouTubers from France are no exception and are abundant, and regardless of your ability level, there is a French YouTube channel that may help you improve your language abilities.

Let us take a look at the most popular ones!

Fashion, Vlogs and Lifestyle YouTube channels

1.  EasyFrench

EasyFrench is a good place to start, especially for beginners. It teaches French in a way that is really easy to understand. It teaches things like how to order at a cafe, basic conversations in the hotel, common mistakes, and more. Their videos always have English subtitles that can help you learn the language when you’re just starting out.

2.  NubyBeauty

If you have an intermediate English level and a fan of beauty and fashion, NubyBeauty the channel for you. She is a beauty, hair, and fashion French YouTuber and influencer. In her videos, she talks about more than just make-up, hair, and clothes. For example, she talks about the Black Lives Matter movement and what to do during the COVID-19 quarantine.

3.  EnjoyPhoenix

This channel, which mostly consists of vlogs featuring the host’s daily routines, favourite items, and rants about different issues, is for intermediate to advanced French speaker. In fact, because Marie, the channel’s host, talks very fast and in French without any subtitles, this is indeed intended for intermediate to advanced French learners.

Fun and Comedy YouTube channels

1.  Andy

If you are just starting to learn French, “Andy” is one of the best-known French women who make funny videos on YouTube. Indeed, she mostly makes “VS videos.” Some of the topics are kids vs. adults, the start vs. end of a relationship, etc. She also makes videos about a lot of other things that people do every day. This makes learning French a fun experience, especially for beginners in the French language.

2.  Norman Fait Des Vidéos

If you are looking for fun while learning French, and if you have an intermediate French level, this is the channel for you. Norman Thavaud is a French comedian and blogger who makes videos about everything, and he is one of the most popular French YouTubers, with over 12 million subscribers. His channel has videos about pop culture, video games, his cat, and random sketches, so there’s something for everyone. All of his videos are in French, but they all have English subtitles. Therefore, they might be a good fit for people who are at an intermediate level.

3.  Studio Bagel

Studio Bagel is a unique and special YouTube channel, since it is run by a group of French YouTubers who make funny videos about things like asteroids crashing, being in a relationship on Facebook, and parodies of commercials.

Most YouTubers talk directly to the camera, but Studio Bagel’s videos are mostly short movies and videos that look more like science fiction movies than YouTube videos. Many of these videos don’t have subtitles, but you should watch them if you’re an advanced or fluent speaker.

Movies and Series YouTube channels

1.      Le cinéma de Durendal

On his YouTube channel, Le cinéma de Durendal, film critic Durendal talks about the latest movies he’s seen. This includes both big hits like Star Wars and Marvel movies and less well-known movies. Also, Durendal discusses technology, culture, and cinema in his web series “Why I’m Right” and “You’re Wrong” (Pourquoi j’ai Raison et Vous Avez Tort). This channel is for the beginners in French language, since it has lots of subtitles and direct and simple meanings.

2.  Le Fossoyeur de Films

Le Fossoyeur de Films (The Movie Gravedigger), as his name suggests, talks about and criticises movies while making fun of the worst movie clichés, contradictions, and inconsistencies. This channel is for intermediate French speakers since it has many videos without subtitles.

3.  PV Nova

PV Nova is one of my favourite French YouTubers and a member of Les Franglaises, a theatre group that pays tribute to the biggest American and British pop hits by literally translating them into French and adding funny choreography. This channel is for intermediate to fluent French speakers, since it has hidden meanings, parodies and irony and because the host speaks rapidly.

Cooking YouTube channels

1.  Hangover Cuisine

Recipes include cheesy French classics such as raclette, American dishes, and a variety of hangover remedies. The French subtitles make Hangover Cuisine one of the most accessible YouTube channels for French cuisine, making it easy for beginners in the French languages to understand and follow the host’s recipes.

2.  Hervé Cuisine

Hervé Cuisine is one of the first French culinary YouTube channels, having debuted in 2007. It includes several delectable sweets, such as “tarte au citron” and “macarons” au “chocolat”, as well as a few savoury dishes, including those from foreign cultures (Indian cheese naans, risotto…). This YouTube channel is for intermediate French language speakers.

3.  Alice Esmeralda

Alice Esmeralda is a French YouTuber, and “Vegan cooking” is her passion. In fact, her YouTube channel is full of tips for living a healthy lifestyle, including meal planning and vegan alternatives for popular meat-based foods. This YouTube channel is for beginners to intermediate French speakers, with the easy recipes and simple meanings and also thanks to the subtitles.

You see? French Youtube channels help you combine learning, discovering new information about different topics, visual stimulation and fun altogether; and whether you have a beginner, intermediate or advanced French language level, or looking for fun, movies, recipes or fashion, you might find it all on YouTube. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to visit Albert Learning’s Youtube Channel. You will find some amazing content there. For more articles, keep following our blog.