10 French Slang words to Speak like a native

Dear readers! Today, we will take a look at the most commonly used French slang words (street language). Knowing and utilising them might help you understand your French friends better and also sound like a native. We will take a look at their meanings and see examples. 

  1. Un truc (a thing/ the thingie)

In regular French conversation, this word is used a lot. Un “truc” is just a French slang word for “something.” It is usually used to talk about something whose name we can’t remember (in English, we say “the thingie!”).

This is also a slang term for “that’s really not my thing.” It is a funny word to learn.

Example: “Le basketball, c’est pas mon truc!”.  Basketball isn’t my thing.

  1. Une Arnaque

This term signifies that something is a “rip-off” or a “scam.” It is a funny Parisian word to use.


Cette personne est une arnaque. (This person is a rip-off.)

  1. Sympa

What does “sympa” entail? Sympa is an acronym of the French word sympathique, which means “pleasant” or “friendly.” The French prefer to shorten several adjectives to give them an air of sophistication.


J’habite un quartier sympa. (I live in a nice area).

  1. C’est Chouette

The adjective “chouette” describes anything that is attractive. Typically, it is used to describe a person, an item, or an occurrence. This French slang term is only used in an authentic manner.


Je trouve cette personne très chouette. (I find this person very attractive)

  1. Un Mec

The term “mec” is used in the same manner as “dude” or “friend” in the English language. However, it may also mean boyfriend.

Since a bank manager or a teacher would likely use it, it can no longer be considered a French slang expression.


Tu viens avec ton mec ? (Are you bringing your boyfriend?)

  1. Ça Roule

The literal translation into English would be “that’s rolling.” You can use it like “that’s fantastic,” “that works for me,” or “I’m pleased with it” in French.


On se retrouve dans le centre à midi ? – Ca roule ! (Let’s meet up in the centre at noon. – Okay!/That works for me!)

  1. Tranquille

The word “tranquille” describes anything that is soothing or serene.

However, if you hear it used as current French slang on the streets of France, it implies “yes, no problems.”


T’as réussi ton exam ? – Tranquille (Did you pass your exam? – Yeah, easy/no problem!)

  1. Bosser

This is an informal version of the French word “travailler”, which means “to work” in English.

Try saying something similar the next time you have a tough week…


Je bosse comme un(e) taré(e). – I’m working like a crazy person.

  1. Laisse Tomber

This phrase signifies “let it go.” You can use it like a similar way you use “drop it” or “never mind.”


Laisse tomber, c’est pas grave ! (Just forget it, it doesn’t matter!)

  1. Allez Savoir Pourquoi

To conclude our collection of French slang, I’ve selected allez savoir pourquoi, which roughly translates to “God knows why” or “for whatever reason.”

It is used to describe a scenario about which you know absolutely nothing, and it is one of those French slang idioms that make you seem really genuine while speaking French.

We hope you enjoyed learning these slang words. Be sure to use them if you want to sound like a native French. You can also learn French and other languages on our website. Book a lesson now.