Exercise quiz on Infinitives V/s. Gerunds

Welcome to your Exercise quiz on Infinitives V/s. Gerunds

Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks:

Sandra doesn’t like ____________ up early on Sundays.
Would you mind ____________ a seat for me at the auditorium? I will be a little late.
Are you going ______________ at the party tonight?
He was asked ____________ the whole book in a day.
________________ up and down the stairs so many times will make you tired. Do it by taking breaks in between.
I checked with all the students. None of them want ___________.
He is surely going _______________ the next President of the country.
It’s impossible ____________ such stardom is such a short period of time.
___________ out of the window is something she loves to do, while travelling.
The girl was advised _____________ for an hour to see the doctor.