Quiz on Have to / Must

Welcome to your Quiz on Have to / Must

Choose the correct answer:

They ___________ visit the museum, but they are running short of time.
Tomorrow is a national holiday. The president has insisted that all the people __________ put up flags on their windows.
Joel ____________ to complete his homework before going to bed tonight, he said.
You ______________ speak loudly in the hospital.
David _________ drink up a lot of water, or else he will be dehydrated.
The teacher said that we ____________ complete our projects by next Friday or else we will not be allowed to give our exams!
I _________ travel to Norway this year to buy some new clothes.
You ____________ board a running train or bus. You could get terribly hurt or killed.
This has been your dream. You ___________ go for it.
I ___________ go out with my sister tonight.