Quiz on Use of ‘About to’

Welcome to your Quiz on Use of ‘About to’

Choose the correct answer:

She _______ about to have breakfast, when the doorbell rang. (Choose the correct form of ‘be’.)
Your flight’s about to depart so ___________________.
My friend’s about to __________ a new job.
Marta is nine months pregnant, so she ____________ about to have a baby.
The movie was about to begin, when the electricity _____________.
___________ a new job when you’re about to graduate is good.
She ________ about to leave the house when she received a phone call from the police.
She ________ about to go to bed when her doorbell rang.
It was about to ___________ before we left the house.
Suggesting to discontinue business when we __________ about to achieve success is not a good idea at all!