Quiz on use of ‘though/although’, ‘however’, ‘despite’

Welcome to your Quiz on use of ‘though/although’, ‘however’, ‘despite’

Select the correct option and fill in the blanks:

She danced _____________ her illness.
My friend doesn’t like hiking; ______________ I enjoy it a lot.
They played football _____________ it was pouring.
The judge sent her to prison ____________ the fact that she had very young children.
This dress is gorgeous ____________ expensive.
She arrived on time; ________________ all her friends were late.
__________ the express highway marked the development of this state, it caused considerable environmental damage too.
___________ being the most deserving candidate, she didn’t win the elections.
______________ he was really tired, he finished the job on time.
______________ the fact of him being shattered, he still reached out to his friend in need!