Quiz on Will or Would

Welcome to your Quiz on Will or Would

Choose the correct option.

Merwin said that if he was the President, he _______ eradicate poverty.
Nellie and her husband _______ go to meet her uncle who is sick.
My brother _______ have gone crazy if he saw me eating his slice of pizza.
We _______ go to the lake every year during summers when we were younger.
Annie ________ let me know by evening if she’s coming to the party.
The country _______ have gone into a deep economic crisis if it wasn’t for its Prime Minister.
Jennifer _______ have her breakfast in the car as she is getting late.
The businessman’s assistant ______ make sure that everything is ready before the meeting.
April promised me that she _______ help me with these chores.
The priest _______ baptize the young infant with holy water.