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Watch Your Way To Learning French–Part 16!

If you have ever had a problem being on time, or know someone who is chronically late, this video is perfect for you!
Watch and learn vocabulary that allows you to question your buddy for his/her tardiness–or evade his/her questions–if you are the one who is late.

Video: French 500 words lesson 16

To practice what you have learnt, complete the below exercise, writing your answers in the comment section.

Exercise: Rewrite the words with the correct spellings.

1- Qehcau

2- Pius

3- Dpusei

4- Iic

5- Hzec

6- Retneatd

7- Pcmornered

8- Iostrr

9- Umirnose

10- Vednat

Don’t forget to number your answers correctly! Good luck!

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