Vocabulaire lié aux instruments de musique

Aimes-tu la musique? Alors vous savez peut-être qu’il y a beaucoup à faire pour donner vie à la musique. Voici quelques instruments qui donnent vie à la musique. Voyez comment ils s’appellent en anglais.

1. Keyboard – [ kee-bawrd, -bohrd ]

Meaning: an electronic musical instrument similar to a piano

French: clavier – synthétiseur 

Example – 

Her dad gifted her a keyboard for her birthday. (Son père lui a offert un clavier pour son anniversaire.)

2. Piano – [ pee-an-oh ]

Meaning – a large musical instrument with a row of black and white keys that are pressed to play notes

French – piano

Example –

He learned the piano from a very young age. (Il a appris le piano dès son plus jeune âge.)

3. Trombone – [ trom-bohn ]

Meaning –  a large, brass musical instrument that you play by blowing into it and sliding a U-shaped tube in and out to change the length and produce different notes

French – trombone

Example –

Not many people know how to play the trombone. (Peu de gens savent jouer du trombone.)

4. Sitar – [ si-tahr ]

Meaning – a South Asian musical instrument with a round body, a long neck, and two sets of strings

French: sitar

Example –

He learned playing the sitar from his grandfather. (Il a appris à jouer du sitar avec son grand-père.)

5. Trumpet – [ truhm-pit ]

Meaning: a brass musical instrument consisting of a metal tube with one narrow end, into which the player blows, and one wide end. Three buttons are pressed in order to change notes

French: –  trompette

Example –

I hate the sound of the trumpet. (Je déteste le son de la trompette.)

6. Ukulele –  [yoo-kuhley-lee]

Meaning – a small guitar or banjo with four strings

French – ukulélé 

Example –

She played the ukulele in her free time. (Elle a joué du ukulélé pendant son temps libre.)

7. Violin – [ vahy-uhlin ]

Meaning – a wooden musical instrument with four strings that is held against the neck and played by moving a bow across the strings

French – violin

Example –

He played the violin with all his heart. (Il jouait du violon de tout son cœur.)

8. xylophone– [ zahy-luh-fohn ]

Meaning – a musical instrument consisting of flat wooden bars of different lengths that are hit with sticks

French – xylophone

Example –

The music teacher showed her students how to play a song by tapping each wooden bar on the xylophone. (Le professeur de musique a montré à ses élèves comment jouer une chanson en appuyant sur chaque barre en bois du xylophone.)

9. harmonica – [ hahr-mon-i-kuh ]

Meaning – a small, rectangular musical instrument, played by blowing and sucking air through it

French – harmonica

Example –

Everytime he missed his love, Jack played the harmonica. (Chaque fois que son amour lui manquait, Jack jouait de l’harmonica.)

10. Cello – [ chel-oh ]

Meaning – a wooden musical instrument with four strings, that is held vertically between the legs and is played by moving a bow across the strings

French – Violoncelle

Example –

Leonard plays the cello very well. (Leonard joue très bien du violoncelle.)

11. Banjo – [ ban-joh ]

Meaning – a stringed musical instrument with a long neck and a hollow circular body

French –  banjo

Example –

“I’ve come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee” is a very famous song.

“Je viens d’Alabama avec un banjo sur les genoux” est une chanson très célèbre.

12. Drum – [ druhm ]

Meaning: a musical instrument, especially one made from a skin stretched over the end of a hollow tube or bowl, played by hitting with the hand or a stick

French – batterie

Example –

To make the event fun, they danced on tunes of the drums.

Pour rendre l’événement amusant, ils ont dansé sur des airs de batterie.

13. flute– [ floot ]

Meaning- a tube-shaped musical instrument with a hole that you blow across at one end while holding the tube out horizontally to one side

French – flûte

Example –

She lost her most precious flute. (Elle a perdu sa flûte la plus précieuse.)

14. guitar– [ gi-tahr ]

Meaning – a musical instrument, usually made of wood, with six strings and a long neck, played with the fingers or a plectrum

French: guitare

Example –

She can play the guitar all day long. (Elle peut jouer de la guitare toute la journée.)

Maintenant que vous connaissez la signification de ces instruments en anglais, assurez-vous de les utiliser quand vous parlez de la musique. Pour plus de vocabulaire anglais, continuez à lire le blog. Apprenez l’anglais en ligne.