Vocabulaire lié aux médias numériques en anglais

Nous sommes presque tous autour de nos téléphones ces jours-ci. Les médias numériques nous ont rapprochés. Dans cette leçon, vous apprendrez les mots les plus utilisés sur les médias numériques en anglais.

1. Meme 

Meaning: an idea, image, video, etc. that is spread very quickly on the internet

French: mème

People begin making memes on almost everything that happens these days. (Les gens commencent à créer des mèmes sur presque tout ce qui se passe ces jours-ci.)

2. Troll 

Meaning – a message that someone leaves on the internet that is intended to annoy people

French – troll

Internet trolls affect people mentally these days. (Les trolls Internet affectent les gens mentalement ces jours-ci.)

3. Blog 

Meaning –  a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read

French – blog

He keeps on reading blogs written by his favourite writer. (Il continue de lire les blogs écrits par son écrivain préféré.)

4. Vlog 

Meaning: a video blog: a record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you film and publish on the internet

French: –  vlog

Many youtubers have started uploading daily vlogs. (De nombreux YouTubers ont commencé à télécharger des vlogs quotidiens.)

5. Blogger 

Meaning – someone who writes a blog (= a regular record of someone’s ideas, opinions, or experiences that is put on the internet for other people to read)

French – blogueur/euse

Who is your favourite blogger? (Quel est votre blogueur préféré?)

6. Vlogger 

Meaning – someone who makes vlogs (= short films that record your thoughts, ideas, or opinions on a subject) and posts them on the internet

French – vlogger

Do you know any famous vlogger? (Connaissez-vous un vlogger célèbre?)

7. Clickbait 

Meaning – articles, photographs, etc. on the internet that are intended to attract attention and encourage people to click on links to particular websites

French – appât

She was tired of seeing clickbait videos on the internet. (Elle était fatiguée de voir des vidéos appâts sur Internet.)

8. Trending 

Meaning – a food that is used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish

French – tendance

The controversy is trending on Twitter after this bizarre voicemail from her husband. (La controverse fait rage sur Twitter après cet étrange message vocal de son mari.)

9. Viral 

Meaning – used to describe something that quickly becomes very popular or well known by being published on the internet or sent from person to person by email, phone, etc

French – virale

Her dancing video went viral in no time. (Sa vidéo de danse est devenue virale en un rien de temps.)

10. Bitmoji 

Meaning – a brand name for a digital cartoon image that is intended to look like and represent you, used in electronic communication

French –  bitmoji

Can you teach me how to make my bitmoji? (Peux-tu m’apprendre comment faire mon bitmoji?)

11. Avatar

Meaning: an image that represents you in online games, chat rooms, etc. and that you can move around the screen

French – avatar

Your avatar resembles you so much. (Votre avatar vous ressemble tellement.)

12. Caption [ pinch ]

Meaning – to provide a short piece of text under a picture in a book, magazine, or newspaper that describes the picture or explains what the people in it are doing or saying

French: légende 

It’s a task to find a caption for an insta post. (C’est une tâche de trouver une légende pour une publication Instagram.)

13. Hashtag 

Meaning – used on social media for describing the general subject of a Tweet or other post (= message)

French: Mot-dièse

People use the hashtag throwback thursday to post old pictures. (Les gens utilisent le mot-dièse throwback thursday pour publier de vieilles photos.)

14. Influencer 

Meaning – a person who is paid by a company to show and describe its products and services on social media, encouraging other people to buy them

French: influenceur 

Many influencers have emerged in the past few years. (De nombreux influenceurs sont apparus ces dernières années.)

Maintenant que vous connaissez la signification de ces mots, assurez-vous de les utiliser quand vous parlez de médias numériques. Pour plus de vocabulaire anglais, continuez à lire le blog.  Apprenez l’anglais en ligne avec nous.