Vocabulary related to Employment and Job Seeking in French

Everyone needs employment to earn a living. In this article, we take you through words that talk about employment and job seeking in French. Learn them and talk in French fluently.

1. Le chômage

Meaning: the number of people who do not have a job that provides money 

English: unemployment

Example: Le taux de chômage augmente constamment. (The unemployment rate is rising constantly.)

2. Le congé 

Meaning:time allowed away from work for a holiday or illness

English: holiday

Example:Elle a pris un congé maladie car elle se sentait mal à l’aise. (She took a sick leave as she was feeling uneasy.)

3. Les congé payés

Meaning: time allowed away from work for holiday, illness, etc. during which you receive your normal pay

English: paid leaves

Example: Elle n’obtient que quelques congés payés chaque année.

(She gets only a few paid leaves every year.)

4. Le contrat

Meaning: a legal document that states and explains a formal agreement between two different people or groups, or the agreement itself

English: contract

Example: Son contrat avec la société de divertissement a pris fin la semaine dernière. (His contract with the entertainment firm ended last week.)

5. L’emploi  

Meaning :the fact of someone being paid to work for a company or organization

English: the employment

Example: Elle cherche un emploi au restaurant. (She is looking for employment at the restaurant.)

6. L’entretien

Meaning : a meeting in which someone asks you questions to see if you are suitable for a job or course

English: interview

Example: Il a un entretien avec le PDG demain. (He has an interview with the CEO tomorrow.)

7. L’embauche

Meaning: having a job working for a company or another person

English: to be contracted/employed

Example: Quand a lieu votre entretien d’embauche? (When is your job interview?)

8. Les heures supplémentaire

Meaning: (time spent working) after the usual time needed or expected in a job

English: overtime hours

Example: Il fait des heures supplémentaires presque trois fois par semaine.(He works overtime almost thrice a week.)

9. Le feuille de paye

Meaning : a piece of paper given to an employee to show how much they have earned and any deductions (= amounts taken off for income tax, etc.) in a particular period

English: pay slip

Example: John garde toutes ses feuilles de paie organisées dans son tiroir. (John keeps all his payslips organised in his drawer. )

10. Le salaire

Meaning: a fixed amount of money agreed every year as pay for an employee, usually paid directly into his or her bank account every month

English: salary

Example: Il donne tout son salaire à ses parents. (He gives his entire salary to his parents.)

11. Le travail

Meaning :an activity, such as a job, that a person uses physical or mental effort to do, usually for money

English: work

Example: Elle aime vraiment son travail. (She really enjoys her work.)

12. Les vacances

Meaning: a time when someone does not go to work but is free to do what they want, such as travel or relax

English: holidays

Example: Nous devons bientôt partir en vacances..(We need to go on a holiday soon.)  

13. La prime

Meaning: an extra amount of money that is given to you as a present or reward for good work as well as the money you were expecting

English: bonus

Example:J’attends toujours ma prime. (I always wait for my bonus.) 

14. Le poste

Meaning: a rank or level in a company

English: position

Example: Nous l’avons embauchée pour le poste de spécialiste du marketing numérique. (We hired her for the position of a digital marketer.)

15. Le stage 

Meaning: a period of time during which someone works for a company or organization in order to get experience of a particular type of work

English: internship

Example: Vous devriez entreprendre des stages pendant que vous étudiez pour acquérir de l’expérience. (You should take up internships as you study to gain experience.)

I hope you enjoyed learning words related to employment in French. The next time you want to talk about job seeking in French, be sure to use these words. For more such vocabulary in French, keep reading our blog. You can easily learn French online with us. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs.