Vocabulary related to Bank in French

We often need to visit the bank for financial reasons. In this article, you will learn words related to Bank in French. Do you know any of these words? Use them in your French conversations.

1. Compte bancaire

Meaning: an arrangement with a bank in which the customer puts in and removes money and the bank keeps a record of it

English: Bank Account

Example: Elle a ouvert plusieurs comptes bancaires dans différentes banques. (She has opened several bank accounts in different banks.)

2. Solde bancaire

Meaning: the amount of money in a bank account

English: Bank balance

Example: Son solde bancaire était inférieur à la limite requise.. (Her bank balance was lower than the needed limit.)

3. Compte de épargne

Meaning: an account in a bank or similar financial organization that earns interest

English: Savings account

Example: Il était heureux de trouver un peu d’argent sur le compte d’épargne.

(He was happy to find some money left in the savings account.)

4. Virement bancaire

Meaning:the sending of money from one bank account to another, usually electronically

English: Bank transfer

Example: Est-ce que je peux payer les frais par virement bancaire? (Is it okay if I pay the fees by bank transfer?)

5. Chèque

Meaning: a printed form, used instead of money, to make payments from your bank account

English: a cheque

Example: Mes parents m’ont donné un chèque en blanc lorsque j’ai sauvé un enfant de la noyade. (My parents gave me a blank cheque when I saved a kid from drowning.)

6. Chèquier

Meaning :a book of cheques with your name printed on them that is given to you by your bank to make payments with

English: Cheque book

Example: Il ne reste aucun chèque dans ce chéquier. (There aren’t any cheques left in this cheque book.)

7. la monnaie

Meaning: the money that is used in a particular country at a particular time

English: currency

Example: J’ai besoin d’échanger la monnaie avant de voyager à l’étranger. (I need to exchange the currency before I travel abroad.)

8.  Prêt 

Meaning: an amount of money that is borrowed, often from a bank, and has to be paid back, usually together with an extra amount of money that you have to pay as a charge for borrowing

English: loan

Example: Elle a contracté un prêt étudiant pour terminer sa maîtrise. (She took a student loan to complete her masters.)

9. Découverte

Meaning : the amount of money by which a bank account is overdrawn

English: overdraft

Example: De nombreux étudiants ont une facilité de découverte gratuite. (Many students have a free overdraft facility.)

10. Intérêts

Meaning: money charged by a bank when it lends money or paid to you when you save money

English: interest

Example: Il existe différents taux d’intérêt pour différents services à la banque.(There are different interest rates for different services at the bank.) 

11. Taux

Meaning :the level (of pay), cost etc (of or for something)

English: Rate 

Example: Le taux d’intérêt est le plus élevé sur les comptes d’épargne de cette banque. (The rate of interest is the highest on savings accounts in this bank.)

12. un dépôt

Meaning: an amount of money that is put in a bank account

English: deposit

Example: Elle venait de faire un dépôt à la banque et est partie lorsqu’un voleur l’a suivie. (She had just made a deposit in the bank and left when a robber followed her.)  

13. un retrait

Meaning: the act of withdrawing money

English: withdrawal

Example:Elle a fait quelques retraits pour le mariage de son fils. (She made some withdrawals for the wedding of her son.) 

14. une dette

Meaning: an amount you owe

English: debt

Example: Après avoir perdu son emploi, il s’est endetté. (After he lost his job, he got into debt.)

I hope you enjoyed learning about different words of the bank in French. The next time you visit a bank in France, be sure to use these words. For more such French vocabulary, keep reading our blog. You can easily learn French online with us. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs.