Vocabulary related to Maths in French

We usually need maths in our day to day lives. That’s why we should know how to talk about it too. When you do visit France, you can use these words to talk about maths in French.

1. addition

Meaning: the process of adding numbers or amounts together

English: addition

Example: Mon enfant de trois ans peut facilement résoudre des problèmes d’addition en cours de mathématiques. (My three year old can easily solve addition problems in maths class.)

2. soustraction

Meaning:the process of removing one number from another

English: subtraction

Example: Il y a un examen pour tester vos compétences de soustraction demain. (There is an exam to test your subtraction skills tomorrow.)

3. multiplication

Meaning: the process of adding a number to itself a particular number of times, or a calculation in which this is done:

English: multiplication 

Example: Il était parfois difficile de se souvenir des tables de multiplication à l’école.

(It was at times difficult to remember multiplication tables at school.)

4. division

Meaning:the calculation of how many times one number goes into another 

English: Division

Example: Êtes-vous doué pour la division? (Are you good at division?)

5. moyen

Meaning: the result you get by adding two or more amounts together and dividing the total by the number of amounts

English: average

Example: Les prix moyens des maisons ont augmenté de 5% l’an dernier. (Average house prices increased by 5% last year.)

6. calculer

Meaning : the process of using information you already have and adding, taking away, multiplying, or dividing numbers to judge the number or amount of something:

English: Calculate

Example: Avez-vous calculé votre salaire net? (Did you calculate your net salary?)

7. décimal(e)

Meaning: relating to or expressed in a system of counting based on the number ten

English: decimal

Example: Les deux quarts exprimés en décimal sont 0,5. (Two fourths expressed as a decimal is 0.5.)

8.  fraction

Meaning: a number that results from dividing one whole number by another

English: fraction

Example: 3/2 est une fraction impropre. (3/2 is an improper fraction.)

9. logarithme

Meaning : the number that shows how many times a number, called the base, has to be multiplied by itself to produce another number. Adding or taking away logarithms can replace multiplying or dividing large numbers

English: logarithm 

Example: La caractéristique du logarithme 6.3214 est 6. ( The characteristic of the logarithm 6.3214 is 6.)

10. quotient

Meaning:the result of dividing one number by another

English: quotient

Example: Si douze est divisé par trois, quel sera le quotient?(If twelve is divided by three, what will the quotient be?) 

11. variable

Meaning :a number, amount, or situation that can change

English: variable

Example: En x + 3 = 12, x est la variable. (In x + 3 = 12, x is the variable.)

12. algèbre

Meaning: a part of mathematics in which signs and letters represent numbers

English: algebra

Example: Elle n’était pas bonne en algèbre au collège. (She was not good at algebra in middle school.)  

13. géométrie

Meaning: the area of mathematics relating to the study of space and the relationships between points, lines, curves, and surfaces

English: geometry

Example: La géométrie sacrée préchrétienne a été incorporée dans l’architecture de l’église.. (Pre-Christian sacred geometry was incorporated into church architecture.) 

14. trigonométrie 

Meaning:a type of mathematics that deals with the relationship between the angles and sides of triangles, used in measuring the height of buildings, mountains, etc.

English: trigonometry 


La tangente est un concept très important en trigonométrie. (The tangent is a very important concept in trigonometry.)

15. équation

Meaning: a mathematical statement in which you show that two amounts are equal using mathematical symbols

English: equation

Example: Que représente y dans cette équation? (What does y represent in this equation?)

I hope you enjoyed learning about different words related to maths in French. The next time you talk about maths in France, be sure to use these words. For more such vocabulary, keep reading our blog. You can easily learn French online with us. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs.