How’s the weather? – A roleplay in French

Are you planning a trip to France and need to know what the weather will be like? Or perhaps you want to make small talk about the weather with a friend or colleague. In this vocabulary roleplay article, you will learn the common weather terms and expressions used in French. From sunny and rainy to windy and cloudy, you’ll learn how to describe the weather in French and its effects on your plans.

So let’s get started and explore the exciting world of weather vocabulary! Let’s begin reading the roleplay about weather in French.

Sophie: Bonjour Jean, quel temps fait-il aujourd’hui ? (Hello Jean, what’s the weather like today?)

Jean: Il fait beau et ensoleillé, la température est d’environ 25 degrés Celsius. (It’s sunny and nice out, the temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius.)

Sophie: C’est parfait ! Je vais pouvoir porter mes shorts et mes t-shirts. (That’s perfect! I can wear my shorts and t-shirts.)

Jean: Oui, c’est sûr. Mais fais attention à ne pas attraper un coup de soleil. (Yes, definitely. But be careful not to get a sunburn.)

Sophie: Oh oui, tu as raison. Je vais mettre de la crème solaire. (Oh yes, you’re right. I’ll put on some sunscreen.)

Jean: Et qu’en est-il de demain ? As-tu vérifié la météo ? (And what about tomorrow? Have you checked the weather forecast?)

Sophie: Non, pas encore. Qu’est-ce que ça dit ? (No, not yet. What does it say?)

Jean: Apparemment, il y a une forte chance d’averses dans l’après-midi. Tu devrais peut-être apporter un parapluie. (Apparently, there’s a high chance of showers in the afternoon. You should probably bring an umbrella.)

Sophie: D’accord, merci de me prévenir. J’apporterai un parapluie. (Okay, thanks for letting me know. I’ll bring an umbrella.)

Jean: Et que prévoit-on pour le week-end ? (And what’s the forecast for the weekend?)

Sophie: Il semble que ça va être nuageux et venteux samedi, mais ensoleillé dimanche. (It looks like it’s going to be cloudy and windy on Saturday, but sunny on Sunday.)

Jean: Parfait, je pense que je vais sortir mon cerf-volant dimanche. (Perfect, I think I’ll take out my kite on Sunday.)

Sophie: Ça a l’air amusant ! J’espère que le temps sera beau. (That sounds like fun! I hope the weather will be nice.)

Jean: Oui, moi aussi. Mais on ne sait jamais avec la météo, il peut y avoir des changements soudains. (Yes, me too. But you never know with the weather, there can be sudden changes.)

Sophie: C’est vrai. Mais j’espère que le temps restera beau pour que nous puissions profiter de nos activités extérieures. (That’s true. But I hope the weather stays nice so we can enjoy our outdoor activities.)

Jean: Absolument. On croise les doigts ! (Absolutely. Fingers crossed!)

In conclusion, mastering weather-related French vocabulary is a useful skill for anyone who wants to talk about the weather with ease. This vocabulary roleplay article has provided you with common weather terms and expressions that you can use in various situations, such as planning a trip or making small talk with friends and colleagues. By using these expressions, you can describe the weather accurately and make appropriate plans. 

We hope that this article has helped you expand your vocabulary and feel more confident in your French language skills. So go ahead and put your weather-related vocabulary to use! Want to learn some more French? Check out our website and start learning with experienced teachers.