Quiz on ‘Either Vs Neither’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Either Vs Neither’:

Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks:

This is ________ red ________ blue, it seems to be a mixture of both colors.
This boy prefers to ________ read a book _______ walk in his free time.
She drinks __________ tea ______ coffee. She only drinks milk.
Nathan and Paul prefer to play _______ football _______ basketball out of any other sport.
Never walk along this street at night as there are ________ streetlights _________ any kind of lights and so it is pitch dark.
Elise would have ____________ cake ___________ cookies. She likes both equally.
The children were ________ too old _______ too young for that film. They were of the right age.
I would prefer _______ the train _____ the bus, to go to the city.
They will have __________ apples ________ oranges for breakfast.
These fruits are ________ sweet _______ sour.