Quiz on “Enough V/s. Too’’

Welcome to your Quiz on “Enough V/s. Too’’

Select the correct option and fill in the blanks:

If you drink _____________ coffee, you’ll have problems falling asleep.
She said to him, “I’ve had _____________ of your pertinence.”
I think you are _________________ to do your own work.
The museum is _______________, for us to go there on foot..
Marta doesn’t like to wear ____________ make-up.
Why do you want to go to the beach today? It’s late and the beach is _____________ far away..
There is ___________ food for 50 people. Don’t worry!
Repairing the roof costs ____________ money.
We don’t have ______________ to buy a car.
Sometimes it seems that there aren’t _________________ in the day.