Quiz on ‘Expression of Time’ (For, Since and Ago):

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Expression of Time’ (For, Since and Ago):

Choose the correct option and fill in the blanks:

I have been living here ________ 2008.
They left this place and went to live in New York 10 years ________.
She has not visited his friend ________ 3 years now.
Leon has not gone to play in the park _________ a long time now.
Paul has been working at the bank _________ 2001.
Her grandmother has stopped sewing just a couple of years ________.
Rosy and her friends are regular customers of Mocha Cafe __________ many years.
She had last gone to the cinema 7 months __________.
I think Saturday was the last time __________ I saw Mrs. McGrath.
France is the country I have been wanting to visit _________ I was a child