Quiz on Nominalisation of Adjectives

Welcome to your Quiz on Nominalisation of Adjectives

Fill in the blanks with the noun form of the adjective in brackets. (Choose the correct answer from the options below.)

Don’t let your _________ (angry) come in the way of your decision.
The boy lost his bag due to his ___________ (careless) today.
She finds ______________ (content) in every little thing she pursues.
The little children found _______________ (happy) in spending time with their pets.
The old man had a lot of ______________ (difficult) in walking without his walking stick.
The ___________ (injured) caused due to the accident was severe.
Her mother wanted to see the _____________ (excited) on her daughter’s face when she gave her a birthday surprise.
Martha didn’t want to miss her _______________ (opportunistic) of getting into the university she had chosen.
The ____________ (available) of seats for this show are limited.
I can’t see the _____________ (similar) between these two dresses.