Quiz on Nominalization of Verbs

Welcome to your Quiz on Nominalization of Verbs

Fill in the blanks with the noun form of the verb in brackets. (Choose the correct answer from the options below.)

His ____________ (achieve) brought great joy to his parents.
The ____________ (adapt) of this movie is from the famous book, ‘Lord of the Rings’!
It is known that the Mesopotamian _______________ (civilize) is the oldest in history.
The change in schedule created a lot of _____________ (confuse) among the players.
The physical ______________ (develop) in some animal species is slower than others.
If you don’t check these products well, it could lead to the_______________ (duplicate) of some.
The scientist was pleased with his new ___________________ (discover)!
Let’s learn about the process of ___________________ (reproduce) in frogs today!
The ___________ (diagnose) of cancer at an early stage can save a person’s life.
Anna’s ____________ (perform) on stage was fabulous!