Quiz on Nouns

Welcome to your Quiz on Nouns

Fill in the blanks with the noun form of the adjectives in brackets and complete the below sentences:

_______________ (angry) can be the main cause of many fatal illnesses.
Never miss the __________________ (opportunistic) when you have one.
This behaviour will cause him ______________ (disillusioned)
He didn’t know how to express his _____________ (excited) when he saw his parents after 10 years.
This action caused me a lot of ____________ (difficult).
Henrita was going through ______________ (miserable), but didn’t let us know a thing!
His dog incurred _____________ (injured) when he dashed into a car, on the road.
There was a __________________ (similar) in both their behaviours when asked the question.
The ____________ (careless) of your act has put us in a huge debt.
_________________ (content) is all that she was asking for.