Quiz on ‘Prepositions of Movement’’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Prepositions of Movement’’:

Fill in the blanks with ‘Preposition of Movement’:

She put her things ________ the box.
They ran ________ from the house that was on fire.
Walking ______ the hill is a good form of exercise.
The children love to run __________ the playground.
She realised that she had left her wallet at the bookshop and so ran ________ there.
We have to cross __________ the bridge to reach the other side.
The train is going to pass ____________ the tunnel in 5 minutes.
Stay ___________ this roof until it stops raining, or you will be drenched.
I saw him running ___________ the bus stop, as he was late.
Mother walked _________ the bedroom but did not notice me.