Quiz on ‘May and Might’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘May and Might’:

Fill in the blanks with ‘May’/‘May not’ OR ‘Might’/‘Might not’:

_________ I come in? I’m sorry I’m late.
There is a possibility that she ________ be late to get back home tonight as she is stuck in traffic.
That _________ have been the case 2 years ago, but today it’s not the same today.
He is late. I think he _________ have missed the bus.
__________ I borrow your pen please? I have forgotten to carry mine today.
You ______ _______ smoke here. It’s a non-smoking zone.
You ______ _______ have understood how to work this out. Let me help you.
_______ you always be happy and successful in life.
They _____ _____ like these arrangements.
I ________ travel to Canada next year.