Quiz on ‘Present Perfect Continuous Tense’’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Present Perfect Continuous Tense’’:

Fill in the blanks with ‘the present perfect continuous tense’ by choosing the correct option:

She ______________ this book since 2019.
They ______ recently______ very hard to achieve their targets.
Scientists _____________ this phenomenon since ages.
I ____________ this program for children, for the last 2 years.
She _____________ with 5 companies at the same time, and is doing a tremendous job.
The children ______________ in the park for 2 hours now. Let’s take them back home.
The mountaineers ______________ the mountain since last Wednesday.
I __________ to solve this equation for the last 1 hour.
The poet ________________ out unwanted lines from his recent poem since yesterday.
Today is a holiday. They _________________ this outing for today since the last fortnight.