Quiz on "Pronouns"

Welcome to your Quiz on "Pronouns"

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate type of pronoun (Relative, Reflexive, Personal, Demonstrative, Indefinite, Intensive or Interrogative):


Marco studies in grade 8th. ___________ loves to play football.
Don’t touch that toy. It is ____________.
Look at the mango tree. __________ tree has been standing tall for many years now and yielding good fruit!
Tell me __________ would you do that?
Mary found it difficult to choose as ____________________ around her was so beautiful!
e is not fussy. _______________ will do for her.
Karl and Clara enjoy the company of ______________.
With _____________ will he go to the party tomorrow?
_____________ do I need to do after reaching the store?
Nathalie loves this book. __________ bought it from the bookstore near her house.