Quiz on ‘Pronouns – Rules’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Pronouns - Rules’:

Fill in the blanks with ‘Subject pronouns, Object pronouns’ OR Possessive Pronouns by choosing the correct option:

We use a ___________ pronoun in place of a noun or name. In some sentences it is generally the subject of the sentence.
We use an _____________ pronoun in place of a noun or name that would be the object of the sentence.
This is Sheena. _______ studies at Maryland International school.
We use a _____________ to say that someone or something belongs to a person, place or thing.
_________ teachers have taught us how to speak, read and write.
Do not enter this room for 2 days. I’ve already told _________.
________ am going to watch a movie today. Are you coming?
Tomorrow is a holiday. Are ________ coming to play football?
This is a beautiful bag! Where did you get _______ from?
Would you like to join ___________ to the party tonight?