Quiz on ‘Quantifiers 1’’ (Countable and Uncountable nouns):

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Quantifiers 1’’ (Countable and Uncountable nouns):

Fill in the blanks with ‘Countable and Uncountable quantifiers’:

He was warned __________ times but he still never listened!
Martha found __________ of the stories familiar and decided to ask John about them.
I don’t have _________ time. Hurry up!
____________ people, living here, believe in superstitions.
Can you lend me ___________ money, please? I promise, I’ll return it to you soon.
Have you read ___________ of these books yet? I had left them with you a week ago!
These are a __________ books that I thought may interest you.
Not __________ people have come for the party today! Or are we too early?
This dress is ____________ expensive. Let’s look around for something cheaper.
She cried ___________ but no-one noticed her.