Quiz on ‘Quantifiers Each and Every’:

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Quantifiers Each and Every’:

Fill in the blanks with Quantifiers 'Each or Every’:

__________ of us have to carry a pen and pad while going on our trip.
You can get a bus from the opposite side __________ 10 minutes.
________ of the parking slots in the parking area, are of equal spacing.
The teacher went to ___________ of the students and checked if they had difficulties.
Each and ____________ person in the room was quiet, when the President entered.
The boy checked ____________ mango well before putting it in the wooden crate, to be sold.
Not _________ person is genuine. We need to recognize people before trusting them.
He got the same dream __________ night, for one week!
__________ of us had a chance to try our luck! Why didn’t you use that opportunity?
___________ of them had different ideas. This gave the project a better perspective.