Quiz on "Regret"

Welcome to your Quiz on "Regret"

Choose the correct phrase showing regret from the given options and fill in the blanks:

We _____________ her before she was admitted in hospital.
You ____________ your time. You could have topped the class if you had studied harder.
Maria ______________ those books right now. They were really expensive.
Pierre _____________ with me before buying tickets to the movie.
The boy ______________ if the shop was open before he left home. When he arrived at the shop, it was closed!
His parents _____________ disciplined him right from his childhood.
Jane _______________ so early. She’s tired already!
You _____________ with us to the fair. We had a wonderful time!
He ______________ a little faster. He would surely win the race.
His friends _______________ him down. He’s depressed.