Quiz on ‘Say and Tell’’

Welcome to your Quiz on ‘Say and Tell’’

Fill in the blanks with ‘Say’ OR ‘Tell’ in the appropriate tense as required:

Can you _______ me your name please?
Tara ________ that she would be on time. Why has she not come yet?
The teacher _________ the class to bring their drawing books to school, every Tuesday.
Never go back on what you have __________. It’s not the right thing to do.
__________ me where you live, and I’ll drop the parcel off at your place.
“Take care of yourself,” __________ mother, when I was leaving home.
__________ us what we have to do next!
I would like to _______ that I’m not afraid.
Do not ________ lies. It’s not a good habit.
“Tomorrow is another day,” she __________ with a big smile on her face.