Quiz on "Tenses"

Welcome to your Quiz on "Tenses"

Fill in the blanks with the correct sequence of tenses from the options given below:

He ______________ that he was on the wrong route when he saw the river ahead of him.
Marie Curie __________ a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.
John ______________ for an hour when he was stopped by an old friend whom he had met.
She answered the phone so that she ___________ convey the message.
I will message you as soon as I _____________.
Nathalie _______________ for 3 hours now. She must be tired.
Roger ___________ this mountain once, every year.
They _____________ this film a thousand times. But they are not bored of it yet.
Nothing ______________ as embarrassing as this.
Let’s not wait for tomorrow. _____________ it right away.