Quiz on "Opposites"

Welcome to your Quiz on "Opposites"

Fill in the blanks by choosing the opposite of the word in bold in the sentences with the correct option from below:

Her mother is well today. But she was _________ yesterday.
The waiter was kind but his owner was ___________.
The streets in our town are narrow. But the streets in your town are ___________.
The sea is deep, but this river is ___________.
This train arrives at 4:30 and __________ at 4:35 p.m. everyday.
My cat comes into the house at night and _________ out during the day.
Simplicity is admired but cruelty is _____________.
He ran fast during the first race but he was __________ in the second.
Robin was tall and could reach the top shelf. But Nathan was __________ and so could not reach it.
Days are hot in the deserts, but the nights are ___________.