Quiz on “Use of Prefer and Rather”

Welcome to your Quiz on “Use of Prefer and Rather”

Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

He would ____________ run than walk to reach his football match on time.
I would __________ to have a glass of water to a glass of aerated drink.
She __________ to live in a warm country.
Would you ______________ to go to a Chinese restaurant or a Thai one?
I would __________ to work than to waste my time gossiping about others.
Maria would stay at home ____________ going out in the rain.
It is better to keep quiet ______________ making a fool of yourself.
We’d ____________ not go to the pool today. It’s quite cold outside.
She ___________ to spend her time on the beach than to watch a movie.
Would you ______________ to go on a drive or go for a walk?