Watch Your Way To Learning French–Part 6!

50 words of French are in your head. You’ve practiced them and have probably bedazzled your unsuspecting neighbours, friends and family with your knowledge of the language. Now learn 10 more French words online to further impress everyone!

With this 2 minute video lesson, learn 10 new French words online

Watch the video and write your answers to the exercise in the comment section below.

Exercise:Choose the right translation of the French words

1- Fais (Faire)

a) is

b) do (to do)

2- Il

a) they

b) want (to want)

3- Prendre

a) to take

b) because

4- Combien

a) how much

b) why

5- Pourquoi

a) because

b) why

6- Quand

a) when

b) how much

7- Temps

a) time

b) can

8- Parceque

a) they

b) because

9- Veux (Vouloir)

a) do

b) want (to want)

10- Peux (Pouvez)

a) can

b) time

Don’t forget to number your answers correctly! Good luck!

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