Vocabulary Related to Health and Hygiene in French

With many diseases emerging these days, one has to always be cautious. In this article, we will go through some words related to health and hygiene in French. How many of you use these words in your day to day life? Do you know the French equivalent for these words that talk about health and hygiene? Let’s find out.

1. en forme

Meaning: healthy and strong, especially as a result of exercise

English: fit

Example: Elle s’entraîne quotidiennement pour rester en forme. (She exercises daily to remain fit.)

2. en bonne santé 

Meaning: healthy and strong, especially as a result of exercise

English: healthy

Example: Son alimentation fait en sorte qu’elle est toujours en bonne santé. (Her diet makes sure she is always healthy.)

3. le bien-être

Meaning: the state of feeling healthy and happy

English: well-being

Example: Être entouré de nature est excellent pour son bien-être. (Being around nature is great for one’s well-being.)

4. (se) laver

Meaning: to clean yourself, or a part of yourself, with water and usually soap

English: wash

Example: Vous êtes tous remplis de boue, allez vous laver. (You’re all filled with mud, go wash yourselves.)

5. le parfum

Meaning: a liquid with a pleasant smell, usually made from oils taken from flowers or spices and often used on the skin

English: perfume

Example: Vous ne la verrez jamais sortir sans porter son parfum préféré. (You will never see her go out without wearing her favourite perfume.)

6. la crème hydratante

Meaning: a substance that you put on your skin to stop it from becoming dry

English: moisturiser

Example: Le dermatologue a recommandé à mon amie d’utiliser une crème hydratante pour sa peau sèche. (The dermatologist recommended my friend to use moisturiser for her dry skin.)

7. la douche

Meaning: an acting of washing using a shower

English: shower

Example: Je me sens en sueur, laissez-moi prendre une douche rapide. (I feel sweaty, let me take a quick shower.)

8. la propreté

Meaning: the state of being clean, or the act of keeping things clean

English: cleanliness

Example: Elle est folle de propreté. (She is crazy about cleanliness.)

9. la serviette

Meaning: a piece of cloth or paper used for drying someone or something that is wet

English: towel

Example: Donnez-moi la serviette, je suis trempé de pluie. (Get me the towel, I’m drenched in rain.)

10. le papier hygiénique

Meaning: soft paper, usually in a long roll, used to clean yourself when you have used the toilet

English: toilet paper

Example: Procurez-vous du papier hygiénique au supermarché. (Get some toilet paper from the supermarket.)

11. le savon 

Meaning: a substance used for washing the body or other things

English: soap

Example: Quelle marque de savon aimez-vous? (What brand of soap do you use?)

12. se baigner

Meaning: to wash in a bath or to wash someone in a bath

English: bathe

Example: Beaucoup d’enfants n’aiment pas se baigner dès le matin. (Many kids don’t like to bathe first thing in the morning.)  

13. le shampooing

Meaning: a liquid used for washing hair, or for washing particular objects or materials

English: shampoo

Example: Rincez bien le shampooing de vos cheveux. (Rinse the shampoo properly out of your hair.) 

14. le déodorant

Meaning: a substance that you put on your body to prevent or hide unpleasant smells

English: deodorant 

Example: Mark met toujours du déodorant après avoir pris une douche. (Mark always puts on deodorant after taking a shower.)

15. la couche de bébé

Meaning:  a square of thick soft paper or cloth that is fastened around a baby’s bottom and between its legs to absorb its urine and solid waste

English: nappies

Example: Les couches de bebe jetables sont assez simples à mettre. (Disposable nappies are fairly easy to put on.)

I hope you enjoyed knowing about the health and hygiene in French. The next time you want to talk about health and hygiene in French, use these words. For more French vocabulary, keep reading our blog, and improve your French. You can also learn French online with us. Book a free trial to know how.