Watch Your Way To Learning French–Part 9!

We hope you have made brilliant New Year’s Resolution–ad plan to stick to them! As for our resolution, we resolve to improve your French conversation skills–video by video.

Happy 2018!

Improve your French conversation skills with this Video: French 500 words lesson 9

Write your answers in the comment section below.

Exercise: Write ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ for the following questions.

1- ‘Le bel homme est sur le bateau’ translates to ‘The sea is his life.’


2- ‘Yeux’ translates to ‘Eyes’ in English.


3- ‘Donner’ translates to ‘to give’.


4- ‘If you give him gold he will take you on his boat.’ translates to ‘Si vousluidonnez de l’or, (second audio) ilvousprendrasur son bateau.’


5- ‘Il n’a pas deux yeux mais un seul, et il a deux mains.’ translates to ‘He does not have two eyes but only one, and he has two hands.’


6- ‘Sur’ translates to ‘Handsome’.


7- ‘Then’ translates to ‘Alors’.


8- ‘Sous’ translates to ‘Under’.


9- ‘Et vous pouvez voir des poissons sous le bateau.’ translates to ‘And you can see fishes under the boat.’


10- ‘The handsome man is on the boat.’ translates to ‘Il n’a pas deuxyeuxmais un seul.’


11- ‘Hand’ translates to ‘Main’.


12- ‘If’ translates to ‘Beau/Bel’.


13- ‘A/Avoir’ translates to ‘Have/To Have’.


14- ‘Life’ translates to ‘Vie’.


15- ‘Si’ translates to ‘On’.


Don’t forget to number your answers correctly! Good luck!

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