Vocabulary related to Architecture in French

France is full of masterpieces of architecture. Its a delight to watch the structures. However, what are they called in French? Come let’s find out with the help of this article. 

1. Une maison

Meaning: a building that people, usually one family, live in 

English: house

Example: Où est ta maison? (Where is your house?)

2. un batiment

Meaning: a structure with walls and a roof, such as a house or factory, to give protection to people, animals, or things

English: building

Example: Elle vit dans le bâtiment à côté du mien. (She lives in the building next to mine.)

3. un immeuble

Meaning: a structure with walls and a roof, such as a house or factory

English: building

Example: Nous avons vu l’immeuble s’écraser en quelques secondes. (We saw the building crush down in seconds.)

4. un gratte-ciel 

Meaning: a very tall modern building, usually in a city

English: skyscraper

Example: Nous n’avons jamais vu un gratte-ciel aussi haut dans la vie. (We’d never seen such a tall skyscraper ever in life.)

5. un étage 

Meaning :the flat surface of a room on which you walk:

English: floor

Example: Combien d’étages y a-t-il dans votre immeuble? (How many floors are there in your building?)

6. une grange 

Meaning : a large building on a farm in which animals or hay (= dried grass) and grain are kept

English: barn

Example: La grange est remplie de céréales. (The barn is filled with grains.)

7. un portail

Meaning: a door, gate, etc. by which you can enter a building or place

English: entrance

Example: Le portail était déjà ouvert. (The gate was already open.)

8. un château 

Meaning: a large strong building, built in the past by a ruler or important person to protect the people inside from attack

English: castle

Example: Avez-vous déjà vu un château? (Have you ever seen a castle?)

9. une tour

Meaning : a tall, narrow structure, often square or circular, that either forms part of a building or stands alone

English: tower

Example: Il vivait dans la tour à côté du centre commercial.(He lived in the tower besides the mall.)

10. une cathédrale 

Meaning: a very large, usually stone, building for Christian worship. It is the largest and most important church of a diocese

English: cathedral

Example: Avez-vous visité la cathédrale Notre-Dame en France? (Have you visited the Notre Dame cathedral in France?)

11. une église 

Meaning :a building for Christian religious activities

English: church

Example: Les gens se sont rassemblés à l’église pour la messe du dimanche. (The people gathered at the church for the sunday mass.)

12. un clocher

Meaning: a tall, narrow building, or part of a building, that has a clock at the top of it

English: clock tower

Example: Ce clocher a été construit en 1900. (This clock tower was built in 1900.)  

13. l’arc 

Meaning: a structure, consisting of a curved top on two supports, that holds the weight of something above it

English: arch

Example: L’arc a une portée de 50 mètres (The arch has a span of 50 metres..) 

14. le dôme 

Meaning: a rounded roof on a building or a room, or a building with such a roof

English: dome

Example: La chapelle était surmontée d’un dôme de marbre blanc.(The chapel was topped by a dome of white marble.)

I hope you enjoyed learning about different words related to architecture in French. The next time you want to talk about architecture in French, be sure to use these words. For more such vocabulary, keep reading our blog. You can easily learn French online with us. Stay tuned for more interesting language blogs.