Watch Your Way To Learning French–Part 21!

Yaay! Learning French is easy, isn’t it?

You are the proud knowledge-seeker with 200 new French words running around in your brain!

Raise that number to 210 by watching this video.

Learning French with Video: French 500 words lesson 21

Solve the below exercise to practice what you have learnt.

Exercise: Write True or False for the following sentences.

1- Côté is ‘Side’.

2- “Beaucoup de gens la trouvent chère.”- In this sentence, ‘chère’ means ‘dear’.

3- “Vous pouvez aller à pied ou en voiture”, translates to “You can go by foot or by car”.

4- “La table coûte 100 €!”- In this sentence, the word “€” means “cent”.

5- “En bas il y a plus de tables, qui sont moins chères.”- In this sentence, “il y a” translates to “down”.

6- Jusque is ‘Until’.

7- “OK! Où sont tous les autres magasins de meubles?”- In this sentence, “tous” means “table”.

8- Cher means ‘Expensive/Dear’.

Don’t forget to number your answers correctly! Good luck!

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