Vocabulary related to makeup and cosmetics in French

For many people, talking about makeup is like speaking another language. If you are a makeup fan, or maybe an expert, you can use some of these phrases to describe the science and art of cosmetics.

Do you like to put on make-up but still get confused between the terms? Well, you are not the only one. Many people find themselves in the makeup department since it is such a vast universe. If you are a beginner, our article will allow you to familiarize yourself with the world of make-up which will no longer hold any secrets for you, here are some terms to introduce you to the lexicon of make-up:

1. La poudre bronzante

Meaning: a cream or powder that you put on your face and body to make your skin look brown from being in the sun


Example: Elle portait une poudre bronzante au club. (She was wearing a bronzer to the club.)

2. Le correcteur 

Meaning:a type of make-up used to hide spots or marks on the skin


Example: Le maquilleur a utilisé un correcteur pour couvrir les imperfections. (The makeup artist used a concealer to cover the blemishes.)

3. Le blush

Meaning: a cosmetic for coloring the cheeks in varying shades

English: blush 

Example: Elle était confuse au sujet de la couleur du blush. (She was confused about the colour of the blush.)

4. Le toner

Meaning: an astringent liquid applied to the skin to reduce oiliness and improve its condition


Example: Elle n’oublie jamais d’utiliser son toner dans le cadre de sa routine de soin de la peau. (She never forgets to use her toner as a part of her skincare routine.)

5. Le fard à paupières

Meaning: a kind of coloured/colored make-up worn around the eyes.

English: Eye shadow

Example: Je ne peux jamais appliquer correctement le fard à paupières. (I can never apply eyeshadow correctly.)

6. La base (de maquillage)

Meaning:  a liquid or powder makeup applied to the face to create an even, uniform color to the complexion, cover flaws

English: Foundation

Example: Elle a commencé son maquillage en appliquant le fond de teint. (She started her makeup by applying the foundation.)

7. Le rouge à lèvres

Meaning: colored makeup worn on the lips

English: lipstick

Example: Je dois juste mettre du rouge à lèvres et nous sommes prêts à partir. (I just have to put lipstick on and we’re good to go.)

8. le démaquillant

Meaning: a substance used to remove make-up from the face

English: makeup remover

Example: Vous devez toujours vous démaquiller avec un démaquillant avant de dormir. (You should always remove your makeup with a makeup remover before sleeping.)

9. le mascara

Meaning: makeup used on eyelashes

English: mascara

Example: L’application de mascara peut donner un aspect plus complet à vos yeux. (Applying mascara can give your eyes look fuller.)

10. la crème hydratante

Meaning: cream used on skin to help it stay moist and smooth

English: moisturizer

Example: Nous ne devons jamais sauter la crème hydratante pour garder notre peau hydratée. (We should never skip moisturizer to keep our skin hydrated.)

11. le vernis à ongles

Meaning: a substance used to colour/color and/or varnish one’s nails

English: nail polish

Example: Elle n’applique que des nuances de vernis à ongles nude. (She only applies nude shades of nail polish.)

12. le dissolvant


English: nail polish removerExample: Puis-je emprunter votre dissolvant pour vernis à ongles? (Can I borrow your nail paint remover?)

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