Watch Your Way To Learning Spanish- Part 40

Learn Spanish with 10 new words with the video presented by Albert Learning. Study and improve your conversation skills.

Video for Spanish 500 words-Lesson 40

Practise your Spanish with the below exercise. Write the answers in the comment section below.

Exercise: Choose the correct translation 

1) Tienda

  • Grocery
  • Shop

2) Supermercado

  • Supermarket
  • Mall

3) Bastante

  • Wait
  • Plenty

4) Fresco

  • Frisbee
  • Fresh

5) Decir

  • Say
  • tell

6) ¿A dónde vas?

  • What are you doing?
  • Where are you going?

7) ¿Qué vas a comprar?

  • What are you going to buy?
  • Why are you going there?

8) Necesito comprar algunas cosas como pan, queso, leche, huevos y carne.

  • I need to buy a few things like bread, cheese, milk, eggs and meat.
  • I need to buy some clothes like shirts, t-shirts, 

9) Tiene muchas opciones y precios bajos

  • It has lots of options and low prices
  • It has a lot of options but it is expensive.

10) Voy en camino para hacer mis compras.

  • I am on my way home.
  • I’m on my way to do my shopping.

Hope you had fun learning with this interesting conversation. Learn Spanish with us for more such lessons and improve your conversation skills. For more such Spanish language lessons, visit Albert Learning!

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