Watch Your Way To Learning Spanish- Part 46

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Video for Spanish 500 words-Lesson 46

Practise your Spanish with the below exercise. Write the answers in the comment section below.

Exercise: Choose the correct translation 

1) Maestro

  • Master
  • Teacher

2) Lápices

  • Paper
  • Pencils

3) Enfermo

  • Firmly
  • Sick

4) Regresar

  • Return
  • Regress

5) De Repente

  • Suddenly
  • Slowly

6) ¿Qué pasó con nuestra otra maestra?

  • What happened to our other teacher?
  • What happened to our nurse?

7) ¿Cuándo regresará?

  • When will she resign?
  • When will she return?

8) Regresará en el próximo término.

  • She will resign the next month.
  • She’ll be back for next term

9) Empecemos el capítulo 3.

  • Let’s start with chapter 3.
  • Let’s start with book 3.

10) De repente se sintió enferma.

  • She suddenly felt sick.
  • She suddenly went home.

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