Watch Your Way To Learning Spanish- Part 47

Do you want to learn vocabulary related to shopping in Spanish? Well, then you’re at the right place. Learn 10 new shopping-related words in Spanish with the help of this video by Albert Learning.

Video for Spanish 500 words-Lesson 47

Practise your Spanish with the below exercise. Write the answers in the comment section below.

Exercise: Choose the correct translation 

1) Hombres

  • Men
  • Man

2) Segundo

  • Two
  • Second

3) Tienda

  • Store
  • Purse

4) Mismo

  • Mine
  • Same

5) Encontrar

  • Know
  • Find

6) ¿Cómo te puedo ayudar?

  • How can I help you?
  • Where can we meet?

7) Puede encontrarla en el primer piso. 

  • You can find it on the first floor.
  • You can find it on the second floor.

8) ¿Dónde está el cajero?

  • Where is the cash counter?
  • Where can I find it?

9) ¿Encontraré la ropa de mujeres en ese piso también?

  • I want to buy women’s clothes.
  • Will I find women clothes there too?

10) No, para eso, necesita tomar la escalera al segundo piso.

  • Yes , we sell women’s clothes.
  • No, you need to go to 2nd floor

Enjoy studying the shopping-related words in Spanish and a lot more with us. Also, follow our blog to learn Spanish fluently.

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