Spend time effectively with these free French lessons

Did you know learning a language has many cognitive benefits. What adds to it is the age at which you start learning. It’s said the earlier you start learning a language, the better you can get at it. Now in a normal situation, you might not have thought about teaching your child a language. However, in situations like a lockdown, kids get bored. I’m sure after a point, you will run out of ideas to keep them entertained.

For the very same reason, we at Albert Learning have come up with the idea of providing free French language lessons to kids from 4 to 16 years old. These lessons will continue over a period of time and keep your child engaged. What more? We know how important it is to be able to speak in a language, so we focus exactly on that. With fun conversations and teachers correcting the pronunciations, this lesson is something one will definitely not want to miss. Starting 1st April, and no this isn’t an April Fool Prank, we will be providing free French lessons on the schedule given below. 

Student taking free live French lesson.

Want your kid to make effective use of this time? Do join to learn French Free as per the schedule given below.

1st April, 2020Wednesday5:30 pm (IST) https://meet.google.com/yum-bqdb-bur
3rd April, 2020Friday4:30 pm (IST)https://meet.google.com/tbv-dbxt-hoz
6th April, 2020Monday5:30 pm (IST)https://meet.google.com/axm-gtvg-gbg
Instructions to join the lesson from computer/ Laptop:

1) Open Google Chrome on your computer/ laptop.

2) Click on the Meeting link and follow instructions to connect.

3) Wait for the teacher to allow you inside the lesson room.

Instructions to join the lesson from Phone/ tablet:

1) Download & Install Google Hangout Meet from Google Play store/ iOS App store.

2) Click on the link of the lesson mentioned above and follow instructions.

3) Wait for the teacher to allow you inside the lesson room.

What more? We will be updating this blog everyday so your kid doesn’t miss a chance to learn French for free. Keep watching this space for the next free French lessons.

For those who cannot join these lessons. Don’t worry. To get you started we have a 500 word French series you can follow. By the end of it, I’m sure you can have daily conversations.