Vocabulaire lié à l’école en anglais

Toutes les écoles sont actuellement fermées. C’est le bon moment pour apprendre une langue et utiliser votre temps efficacement. Ces mots seront utiles aux enfants et aux adultes débutants. Vous pouvez apprendre le vocabulaire lié à l’école ci-dessous.

1.Answer– [ an-ser ]

Meaning – a reaction to a question, letter, phone call, etc 

French – réponse

Example: Mary didn’t have an answer to her teacher at school. (Mary n’avait pas de réponse à son professeur à l’école.)

2.Assignment– [ uh-sahyn-muhnt ]

Meaning –  a piece of work given to someone, typically as part of their studies or job 

French – devoir 

Example: Tom always completed all his assignments in time. (Tom a toujours accompli tous ses devoirs à temps.)

3.Binder– [ bahyn-der ]

Meaning- a stiff cover that can hold loose papers, often having a part that fastens them

French – classeur

Example: She organised all her work in her binder. (Elle a organisé tout son travail dans son classeur.)

4.Blackboard– [ blak-bawrd ]

Meaning – a dark surface on a wall or frame that a teacher writes on with chalk

French – tableau noir

Example: The students wrote a note for the teacher on the blackboard before she came on teacher’s day in school .(Les élèves ont écrit une note pour l’enseignante sur le tableau noir avant son arrivée le jour de l’enseignant à l’école.)

5.Book– [ book ]

Meaning – a written text that can be published in printed or electronic form

French – livre

Example: Her favourite book is Gulliver’s Travel. (Son livre préféré est Gulliver’s Travel.)

6.Classroom – [ klas-room ]

Meaning – a room in a school or college where groups of students are taught

French – Salle de classe

Example: All the parents gathered in the classroom during the parent-teacher meeting.(Tous les parents se sont réunis en classe lors de la rencontre parents-enseignants.)

7.Calculator– [kal-kyuh-ley-ter ]

Meaning -a small electronic device that is used for doing calculations

French – calculatrice

Example: Students were happy to know that they could now use the calculator in Maths class.(Les élèves étaient heureux de savoir qu’ils pouvaient désormais utiliser la calculatrice en classe de mathématiques.)

8.Chalk– [ chawk ]

Meaning – a stick of soft rock or a similar substance used for writing or drawing:

French – craie

Example: She used chalk to whiten her canvas shoes.(Elle a utilisé de la craie pour blanchir ses chaussures en toile.)

9.Computer– [kuh m-pyoo-ter ]

Meaning – an electronic machine that is used for storing, organizing, and finding words, numbers, and pictures, for doing calculations, and for controlling other machines

French – ordinateur

Example: Children love to learn various applications on their computers.(Les enfants adorent apprendre diverses applications sur leurs ordinateurs.)

 10.Dictionary– [ dik-shuh-ner-ee ]

Meaning -a book that contains a list of words in alphabetical order and explains their meanings, or gives a word for them in another language; an electronic product giving similar information on a computer, smartphone, etc

French – Dictionnaire

Example: It’s important to use a dictionary while learning a new language.(Il est important d’utiliser un dictionnaire tout en apprenant une nouvelle langue.)

11. Encyclopedia – [ en-sahy-kluh-pee-dee-uh ]

Meaning – a book or set of books containing many articles arranged in alphabetical order that deal either with the whole of human knowledge or with a particular part of it, or a similar set of articles on the internet

French – Encyclopédie

Example: For those who love to research, an encyclopedia is a fun read.(Pour ceux qui aiment faire des recherches, une encyclopédie est une lecture amusante.)

 12.Examination– [ ig-zam-uh-ney-shuhn ]

Meaning – a formal test that you must pass in order to earn a particular qualification or to be allowed to do a particular job

French – examen

Example: She cleared the examinations with flying colours.(Elle a réussi l’examen avec brio.)

 13.Flash cards– [ flash kahrd ]

Meaning – a card with a word or picture on it that is used to help students learn

French – les cartes mémoires 

Example: Children learn easily with colourful flashcards.(Les enfants apprennent facilement avec des cartes mémoires colorés.)

 14.Grades– [ greyd ]

Meaning – a number or letter that shows how good someone’s work or performance is

French – notes

Example: Grades don’t always matter, what do you think?(Les notes n’ont pas toujours d’importance, qu’en pensez-vous?)

15.Highlighter– [ hahy-lahy-ter ]

Meaning a special pen containing bright ink, used to mark words in a book, magazine, etc.

French – surligneur

Example: In order to mark the important notes, Sophie used a highlighter over the whole page. (Afin de marquer les notes importantes, Sophie a utilisé un surligneur sur toute la page.)

16. Homework– [ hohm-wurk ]

Meaning work that teachers give their students to do at home

French – devoirs

Example: Wouldn’t it be great if no one ever had homework?(Ce ne serait pas génial si personne n’avait jamais devoirs?)

 17.Library – [ lahy-brer-ee ]

Meaning –  a building, room, or organization that has a collection, especially of books, for people to read or borrow, usually without payment

French – bibliothèque 

Example:My school library has over 5000 books on various topics.(La bibliothèque de mon école compte plus de 5000 livres sur divers sujets.)

 18.Question– [ kwes-chuhn ]

Meaning -a sentence or phrase used to find out information

French – Question 

Example: It’s always better to ask questions than be confused.(Il vaut toujours mieux poser des questions que d’être confus.)

 19.Recess- [ ree-ses ]

Meaning -in school, a period of time between classes when children do not study

French – Récréation

Example: The most exciting part of going to school was meeting friends in the recess.(La partie la plus excitante d’aller à l’école était de rencontrer des amis pendant la récréation.)

 20.Teacher  – [ tee-cher ]

Meaning – someone whose job is to teach in a school or college

French – Professeur

Example – Mrs. Dubois is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in school.(Mme Dubois est l’une des meilleures enseignantes que j’ai jamais eues a l’école.)

J’espère que ces mots vous ont été utiles. Pour d’autres vocabulaires de ce type liés à la santé, vous pouvez lire notre article précédent. Continuez à lire notre blog pour apprendre de nouveaux mots chaque semaine.