Vocabulary related to languages in French

Different languages are spoken throughout the globe. However, did you know that in French, all languages have different names as compared to the way they are called in English? Read this article to learn names of different languages in French.

1. l’arabe

Meaning: a language spoken in Western Asia and North Africa

English: Arabic

Example: Il aime lire la littérature arabe.(He loves to read Arabic literature.)

2.le bengali

Meaning: the main language spoken in Bangladesh and in West Bengal in India


Example: Rabindranath Tagore a écrit de nombreux poèmes et chansons bengalis célèbres. (Rabindranath Tagore wrote many famous Bengali poems and songs.)

3.le chinois

Meaning: the language spoken in China


Example: Les personnes qui ne connaissent pas le chinois rencontrent beaucoup de problèmes pour voyager en Chine. (People who don’t know Chinese face a lot of problems travelling in China.)

4.le néerlandais

Meaning:the main language spoken in the Netherlands, also spoken in Belgium


Example: Apprendre le néerlandais est difficile. (Learning dutch is difficult.)


Meaning :the language of Germany, Austria, and parts of Switzerland


Example: Si vous apprenez la grammaire allemande, vous pouvez parler la langue facilement. (If you learn German grammar, you can speak the language easily.)

6.le grec

Meaning the language of Greece


Example: Je ne comprenais pas le film grec, alors j’ai mis des sous-titres. (I couldn’t understand the Greek movie, so I put subtitles on.)


Meaning: the ancient language of the Jewish people, or the modern form of it, which is an official language of Israel


Example: Il peut étonnamment parler couramment l’hébreu. (He can surprisingly speak Hebrew fluently.)


Meaning one of the official languages of India, spoken especially in northern India


Example: À Mumbai, vous devez regarder des films en hindi. (When in Mumbai, you must watch Hindi films.)


Meaning :the official language of Ireland


Example: Elle aimait écouter des mélodies irlandaises. (She loved listening to Irish melodies. )


Meaning: the main language spoken in Italy



Tom va à des cours d’italien au collège local. (I go to Italian lessons at the local college.)

11.le japonais

Meaning :the main language spoken in Japan

Example: Nina a toujours voulu apprendre à parler japonais. (Nina always wanted to learn to speak Japanese.)

12.le coréen

Meaning:the main language spoken in North Korea and South Korea


Example: Elle aime regarder des séries en coréen. (She enjoys watching series in Korean.)  

13.le polonais

Meaning: the language of Poland

English: Polish

Example:Elle a remarqué que je parlais polonais avec un accent. (She noticed that I spoke Polish with an accent .) 

14.le russe 

Meaning: the main language spoken in Russia, also spoken in many other countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan


Example: Il a fait une tentative diligente d’apprendre le russe. (He made a diligent attempt to learn Russian.)

We hope you enjoyed learning the names of new languages in French. Now that you have learnt the meanings of these words in French, be sure to use them while you visit France. For more such vocabulary in French, keep following our blog.

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